We run a small volunteer organization and family-run online shop currently in a city located in the southern part of Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

“WWW.RENAISS.ORG” is a small volunteer organization that aims to create a new type of sustainable city. We are looking for volunteers to register and to make donations.

Our volunteers will be quantified how much they have contributed towards our goal and the amount they have contributed.

On condition that our goal is met, our volunteers will receive a return depending on that number.

And “ForTopLovers” is a brand logo of our online shop to support couples and their loved ones. The new logo was created only a month ago and we are going to launch a new e-commerce site until the end of next October. We will sell a wide range of products from food to wine, beer, clothing, jewelry, watches , fountain pen and cars etc.

In the future, we are planning to sell the new type of sustainable city for couples and their loved ones to live in on the online shop.

On condition that our sustainable city is protected against a copy of one by an intelligent property, we will start in to create it .


We are also looking for overseas corporate sponsors to register and to make donations.