• Our goals
  • The concept of the New Sustainable City
  • Achievement

Our goals is to create and construct a new type of sustainable city that couples and lovers who are united by a strong bond and a strong trusting relationship can live safely and without any anxiety.

Firstly, this organization was built with the following three objectives as its main pillars:

[A]. To realize a new type of sustainable city in which we can build equal(harmonious) relationships
And additionally
[B]. To realize a new type of sustainable city in which humans are in a state of harmony with nature
[C]. To realize a new type of sustainable city in which humans can coexist with animals

What supports this society is the original “independent basic income system”, of which I have conceived.
This involves (*1) creating small economic zones within regions of the countries around the world, and providing cash to all citizens in the region, based on the profits created from doing this, guaranteeing a minimum level of clothing, food, and shelter required for their lives. The revenue source for this shall be the profits created from economic activities based around tourism activities newly established in the region.

・ As a guideline, this will target countries and regions within the top about 80 of the “gender gap index” report (2017 version) published by the “World Economic Forum” every year

Show the list of “gender gap index” report (2017 version)

This independent basic income system, by newly establishing a tourism industry, will create new employment. For this reason, even though the residents within the region are provided with cash, those who wish to do so may also work.
The fact that it does not rely on the government or local government for its source of revenue clearly differentiates this from the commonly understood type of basic income system.

* Cultural activities

  • Art
  • Music
  • Study (just only one research theme on the physics )
  • Health & Sports
  • Tourism